Recycling concrete results in considerable savings for municipalities and promotes sustainability of landfills and natural aggregate reserves.

Landfill Sustainability

Landfill space in Alberta is expensive and has limited life expectancy. Reducing the amount of waste at the landfills, through recycling, prolongs landfill life and promotes sustainability.

TBG contributes to sustainable landfills through the recycling of concrete and asphalt from deconstructed municipality infrastructure. Our recycled concrete is suitable for re-use for drainage applications, sidewalk construction, and for other local construction projects.

Optimizing Municipality Budgets

Recycling concrete provides budget optimization opportunities for municipalities. Costs associated with transporting concrete to and disposal at landfills can be saved through using our Portable crushing plants, which can be mobilized to your demolition site to create recycled concrete for use at that site. In addition, using recycled concrete for municipal projects reduces virgin aggregate cost for municipality projects and preserves the life of natural aggregates reserves.

Cost Savings through Crushing Programs

Periodically, Lafarge will execute concrete crushing circuit programs which involve completing several concrete crushing projects within a single mobilization trip, with the intent of providing cost savings to municipalities.

To facilitate providing you a quote, a Lafarge crushing specialist can drive over to your facility to determine how many tonnes of concrete you have. The more concrete piles we crush in a circuit, the cheaper it is for everyone.

High Quality Recycled Concrete

Lafarge’s portable crushing plant can be easily transported to your concrete rubble site and has the ability to crush and recycle up to 2,500 tons of concrete per day in a single 12 hour shift. Our crushing plant is equipped with 2 self-cleaning magnets which remove metal from the processed rubble to create a 20mm crushed recycled concrete aggregate. With our rigorous QA/QC process, you can be assured of crushed concrete
that is consistently clean and reliable for your construction projects.