Aggregate resources are a widely distributed throughout Canada; however, large parts of the country may either be covered with overburden too thick to allow economic mining or may simply lack the means for crushed aggregate. TBG is able to bridge that gap through our aggregate exploration and management expertise. Our services include:

  • Exploration and testing for potential aggregate reserves including the applicable land applications and permits.
  • Engineering design and reserve development plans
  • The procurement of regulatory approvals and permits required for all levels of government including environment and development permits.
  • Development of deposits including clearing; overburden removal, stock pile base construction, settling pond design and construction, access road construction and maintenance.
  • Production of aggregates for supply to construction projects, including loading, scaling, and hauling of materials.
  • Annual regulatory reporting requirements from mine advancement to material movement.
  • Reclamation of pits including final reclamation certification and release activities.

TBG is able to provide a complete turnkey solution that includes all these services, or provide any combination of any of these services.