As a division of Lafarge Canada Inc., TBG is a leader in sustainability and considers the economic, social and environmental impact of our operations in making business decisions. We support climate preservation through the reuse of resources and we are currently demonstrating this commitment through our recently launched concrete recycling service. TBG is committed to building industry partnerships to support innovation in the construction industry and reduce the industry’s impact on nature.


One of the overlooked benefits of gravel mining operations is the reclamation process that often leads the creation of useful landscapes and improved natural areas, including natural wildlife habitats, recreation areas and parks, golf courses and even residential and commercial developments.

TBG maintains an active environmental program designed to monitor and manage our operation’s impact on the environment. This program includes:

  • Recruitment, training and retention of personnel experienced in environmental matters
  • Identification, management and reporting of potential environmental issues on a quarterly basis
  • A process for reporting spills or non-compliant situations to corporate management
  • The routine review of all of TBG’s property to determine:
    • if remediation is required
    • the adequacy of accruals for such remediation
    • the status of all remedial activities and whether improvements to the site are required to meet current and future permit or other requirements under the environmental laws.

The execution of our environmental program, in conjunction with our environmental policy, ensures that our mining operations are in compliance with provincial environmental regulations and that each facility has a reclamation plan designed to convert inactive areas of the quarry into useful space.